Dentist · November 5, 2021

Why do I have to wait three months after tooth extraction to get dentures?

The alveolar bone is still being reconstructed. When the bone tissue and granulation tissue grow up, the alveolar socket will heal from the inside to the outside, and the bone will heal within two to three months. Whether it is a fixed bridge or a movable denture, the fastest two can be repaired in a few months, but it is recommended to do dental implants after three months when the alveolar bone is stable, and the implant is placed, tightly integrated for three months, and it will be used for a long time after being stabilized.

What will happen if it is repaired in less than two or three months?

1. For dental implants, it is tightly installed in advance, but the alveolar bone will be absorbed, and there may be gaps, food residues will enter, irritating the gums, and even swelling and bleeding. It is generally recommended for about three months. In this way, the porcelain bridge and the movable dentures are repaired more closely, and the long-term chewing looseness is avoided.

2. Dental implants require very high bone mass and can only be made if the conditions are met. Of course, they can be implanted immediately if they are economical and can be implanted directly after extraction, but the premise is that there is no inflammation in the periodontal period. Most of them are minimally invasive implants and have small wounds. Heals quickly and shortens the time required for the planting process, but like traditional planting, you have to wait at least three months.

What kind of denture is better after tooth extraction?

1. Dental implants include removable dentures and fixed dentures. The former has a strong sense of foreign body. Although it is convenient to remove and put on, it must be cleaned every day. In addition, it must be regularly disinfected. Improper care may cause gum atrophy. It is suitable for elderly patients who lack multiple teeth. A single missing tooth can be repaired by a porcelain bridge, but if the three are connected together, two adjacent teeth will have to be worn away.

2. Try to make dental implants, either anterior or posterior teeth. The appearance is similar to real teeth. Apart from restoring the chewing function, there is no need to wear other teeth. The implants exist independently, and there are many imported implant systems. The cost-effective option is South Korea. Yes, remember that there is no periodontal ligament, which is easy to shrink gums. The gums around the implant should be maintained well. If you have the condition to clean up the tartar with water, it is not a problem to use it for 15 years.

So wait two or three months to allow the bones to grow up so that the dentures can be fixed and prevent loosening.

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