Dentist · November 5, 2021

Why do dental caries hurt after filling my teeth?

If it’s just soreness, it may have just been filled with the material. The short-term stimulation is normal. It will recover on its own after 2 days. If it does not get better, it means that the caries are too deep, and it is close to the pulp. Acute onset of inflammation, secondary caries bacterial infection to the dental pulp, or rotten teeth are not clean, and the remaining teeth will be destroyed if they are filled in.

How to deal with the pain after filling the teeth?

  1. For those with deep caries, remove dirt by grinding away. The closer you are to the pulp, you should add a base material to avoid irritating pain. If the caries are taken, there is a risk of grinding through the pulp and the pulp will be exposed. It may still be in a state of congestion. After applying the medicine to reduce the inflammation, observe for a few days, and you can fill your teeth without any discomfort.
  2. If there is already pulpitis, root canal treatment is needed. Remove the diseased nerves and fill the root canal. Remember that there are many remaining teeth that can be used for inlays and full crown restorations with larger defects. For secondary caries, remove the fillings. Material, the carious tooth body is completely worn away. If there is no damage to the pulp, it can be refilled. In addition, the bite hurts after the repair, and the material is too high to be polished.

Is there any way to make the fillings last longer?

  1. It is generally recommended to fill with resin material, which is more wear-resistant, and silver amalgam can also be used for posterior teeth restoration, but it is not beautiful.
  2. Don’t bite too hard food as soon as you fill your teeth. If it is still solidified and not very stable, wait 2 hours before chewing one side of the filling.
  3. Tooth defect is more serious, it is best to be able to onlay, without wearing tooth enamel, if the resistance of the remaining tooth is insufficient, you have to consider making a porcelain crown, otherwise the filling material is easy to fall off, or even split during chewing.
  4. Long-term discomfort should be checked in time to avoid deepening of caries, dragging without treatment, the spread of bacterial infections, and even pulpitis and even apical inflammation.
  5. When cleaning and maintaining, you can use an electric toothbrush, which will not affect the edge of the restoration and the difficulty of bonding.

Temporary soreness is fine. You can desensitize your teeth by brushing with Gillan anti-allergic toothpaste. If you still have pain, you should see a doctor early, otherwise, the teeth will rot after filling your teeth.

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