Health Saw · November 1, 2021

Top 3 Uses of An Automatic Screw Feeder Machine

With time, businesses of today have been adopting technological advancements. In the world of automatic assembly, there is a need to update and streamline the assembly processes. An easy way to achieve efficiency is to opt for an automatic screw feeder unit. In this article, we are going to discuss the top 3 uses of automatic screw feeder machines. Read on to find out more.

1. Medical Device Assembly

These units are quite commonly used in the medical device assembly business. In other words, a lot of screws are used when it comes to assembling a good, life-saver device. Usually, these screw feeders can deliver up to 2 screws per second.

This method may be up to 50% more efficient than shaker trays or screws. For maintaining production speed, it’s a great idea to go for one of these machines. The installation of these units in an assembly plant can improve efficiency and accountability.

These units can help deliver screws to employees or robots, which helps prevent accidents. Besides, it helps prevent rework and boost product quality.

2. Aerospace Assembly

Often, robotic assembly is deployed in the aerospace industry. Basically, robotic assembly arms that feature automatic screw driving systems may pick up screws and offer precise torque adjustment.

So, these precisions make sure that the robotic assembly arms will work at full capacity. If they are used with regular screw counters, they can help achieve a great degree of accountability.

Basically, this accountability is a requirement when it comes to the assembly of military and commercial aircraft.

3. Consumer Electronics Assembly

When it comes to the bottom line, an automatic screw feeder helps boost efficiency and earn a significant return on investment. For instance, in the consumer industry, robots or assembly workers have to tighten a lot of screws much faster.

A large number of plastic components are used in the world of consumer electronics. Therefore, the use of a wrong screw may result in quality check failure. On the other hand, an automatic feeder may help prevent this problem, and there is no need to hire expensive operators.

Since screw dispensers may be configured to provide different screws, it’s possible to reconfigure the dispensers to satisfy the needs of different types of projects. Therefore, as far as reconfigurations are concerned, screw feeders are a great choice.

In the consumer industry, this is quite useful as products and the making processes are changing.

The Benefits of these Machines

An automatic screw feeder is an ideal tool for all types of assembly processes where tons of screws are needed to be fixed. The automation of the system can help save time and reduce inefficiency.

Also, these machines can cover costs by giving a boost to the capacity of the plant and decrease the requirement for rework.

In short, in an evolving industry, a lot of things remain unchanged, such as the need for efficiency and process streamlining. Therefore, putting money in an automatic screw feeder is a great idea. Hopefully, this article will help you get the most out of these machines.