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Top 3 Causes For Vitamin D Deficiency During Work From Home

Does vitamin D deficiency impact bone health as we are hardly getting any sunlight due to Work From Home.

Vitamin D deficiency is a serious problem, because the deficiency will affect the body’s absorption of calcium, and weaken and weaken the bones, even if it is slightly injured, it is easy to fracture. This deficiency can also cause back and body pain.

There are some sources of vitamin D that can be included in the diet, such as oily fish, cod liver oil, egg yolks, nuts, and seeds. The main source of vitamin D is sun exposure, so 15 to 20min sun exposures are recommended. At least 5 days a week. You can try to sit on the balcony, terrace or park at work, especially at noon, because the sun is at its peak, our body can more effectively produce this vitamin from the sun. Vegans, lactose intolerant and low-fat dieters are more likely to be deficient because it is a fat-soluble vitamin

1. Arthritis happens only in aged, young don’t have to worry about it:

Indeed, arthritis is an age-related disease, especially degenerative arthritis or osteoarthritis. Structural damage to articular cartilage, especially knees, can cause pain when bearing weight, such as: B.

Get up from a chair Or when climbing stairs. …Up or down because the damaged surfaces rub against each other under pressure and cause pain. A sedentary lifestyle, weight gain, structural problems and some unknown factors may cause arthritis, some are very serious, some are premature.

2. Obesity and Osteoarthritis are independent of each other:

There is an instantaneous hyperlink among weight advantage and osteoarthritis, especially at the knees which might be weight bearing joints. Additional weight causes extra pressure on our knees to carry cartilage. As a result, folks who are overweight are much more likely to want joint replacement. A key observe posted in Arthritis & Rheumatism of obese and overweight adults with knee osteoarthritis (OA) determined that dropping one pound of weight led to 4 kilos of stress being eliminated from the knees.

A not unusual place to catch a situation is incapacity to workout if you have joint pains and subsequently incapacity to lessen weight. Answer lies in doing easy exercises, begin sluggish after which flow on gradually.

3. Painkillers are the only answer to osteoarthritis:

It is a myth that osteo-arthritis is to be treated only with pain medication and popping painkillers randomly is the answer to pains and aches as you age. In fact pain medication should be avoided as much possible because of a serious side effect of damage to kidneys and the intestines, causing gastric ulcers.

Arthroplasty or Joint replacement is the right option when cartilage is damaged, as this damage is irreversible. No medicine or injection can reverse it and Joint Replacement is the most effective and successful surgery today in good centres and good hands, even in younger population where knee joint cartilage is significantly damaged. There are several aspects that make it a relevant choice today including enhanced lifespan in our country and desire to have an independent and productive life as one ages.

It is affecting relatively younger population also. It starts affecting individuals as early as in their 30s and gradually becomes worse with passing years. First symptoms are pain in knees after walking long distances, followed by swelling around the knee. Reason why our population is suffering early could be many. Most common cause is the inward tilting of the knee which is medically explained as “Genu Varum”. It shifts the axis of weightbearing on inner part of the knee and thus causes earlier damage to the cartilage of inner part of the knee joint. Second common reason is obesity which obviously keeps knee joint cartilage under exaggerated pressure.

Third, reason is the genetic predisposition of the person and the relatively sensitive quality of cartilage which gives way easily and earlier in life. Fourth reason is as a sequalae to the injury to meniscus or ligament of knee which remains symptom free for many years but ultimately damage the cartilage because of increased grinding of the cartilage as a result of instability. A fracture through the joint could also result in early arthritis of knees.

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