Dentist · October 1, 2022

So what’s in Boka’s ‘Ela Mint’ toothpaste?

What’s in Boka’s “Ela Mint toothpaste?

The secret ingredient in their formula is nano-hydroxyapatite (n HA)which is an active ingredient that was developed by NASA. Naturally, nano-hydroxyapatite is a principal component of the tooth’s hard tissue. It makes up 97 percent of the enamel. It is biocompatible and 100% biocompatible which makes it an ideal Remineralizing agent that is more efficient than fluoride. Actually, Hagen was shocked to discover that nano-hydroxyapatite was utilized for the last 30 years in the Japanese market. The well-known (and nearly gone) Ela Mint toothpaste also has the ingredient xylitol, which is a cavity-preventing sugar-alcohol sweetener naturally found in vegetables, fruits, and berries. In addition, Xylitol was proven to prevent dental caries. It is acknowledged as a safe natural sweetener, which has been approved by the US Food Drug Administration and the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry.

The toothpaste, as with the other products in Boka’s line, can appear strange at first, but this is especially the case because of the fluoride substitute for a NASA-developed space-based compound. This is why Boka has faced some opposition from people who for a long time have used the same brands of Ela Mint toothpaste that dentists have recommended and accepted. It is because the majority of dentists are trained to believe of fluoride is the best and most efficient method of remineralizing your teeth. In the same way, Boka relies heavily on dentists who are not afraid to go beyond what they’ve learned in their schooling and are open to reading the latest research. Hagen insists that, while the dentist is keen to talk with more specialists, Boka has some great dentists to call upon.

“I do not think of Boka being an oral care brand. I see it more of a health-related branding”

Overall good oral health can result in good overall general health. While it’s not a lot of research, it’s pretty simple and is the basis on which Boka exists. Boka is making progress and Boka’s merchandise on the Urban Outfitters website and, coming soon, at Walmart- the company is pushing to educate consumers about the importance of maintaining a balance between the oral microbiome, as opposed to eliminating all bacteria.

Do you think Boka expand into other sectors beyond oral health care? We’d like to see it happen! However, any industry could benefit from a little more ingenuous, scientifically based sparkling and pizzazz and all the other things Boka can offer.

Keep an eye out for the personal experiments blog post as we test Boka’s toothpaste!