Health Saw · October 8, 2021

Public Relations for Optometrists

All professional medical practices need smart public relations to maintain a strong community goodwill image. This is not always as easy as it seems and in larger cities it is so very easy to get drowned out with the many other businesses out there trying to do the same.

Good public relations for a professional practice generally include membership in the Local Chamber of Commerce and perhaps involvement in one or more community service clubs. All this makes sense indeed, however public relations strategies need to go beyond these simple aspects.

Let us discuss the public relations of an Optometrist professional medical corporation. Optometrists help humans in our civilization maintain their eyesight organic sensors and help people with contact lenses, glasses, recommending laser surgery or other specific operations to help with seeing. This means that such an important need in our society also deserves proper public relations to promote this service.

Involvement in miraculous cases of helping people who cannot see, see again makes sense because it has so much to do with the importance of optometry, gives hope to others and promotes the professional practice all at the same time. Plus it is newsworthy. If you own a professional optometry practice you might consider this in 2006.