Health Saw · November 16, 2021

Pros and Cons of Biotechnology Using Mammalian Expression Systems

In biotechnology, protein mammalian expressions refer to the method of transfecting genes into bovines to create fully folded proteins. End clients can either culture their own monoclonal antibodies through various cell types (hybridomas, human cell lines, CHO, etc.), or they could partner with contract manufacturing organizations that can deliver loads of recombinant proteins from a good range of sources.

Pros of using bovine protein expressions

The presence of post gene modifications is seen to produce the highest functionality. The resulting recombinant proteins can further be modified through post-transnational procedures on the bovine cells. Cycotoxic Antibody Conjugates through mammalian expression are also found to be most compatible to humans. In the same vein, they also have very low immunogenicity as well as high immunity to human pathogens. In short, they are very safe for human use. All these factors mean that the path toward getting permission from regulatory bodies is much easier when you go through the mammalian expression route.

The cons of mammalian expression

Unfortunately, no method is perfect. This is particularly true with recombinant proteins where integration with various cell types can produce various results along with their ensuing consequences. In the case of bovine expression, it’s quite difficult to initiate transfection of gene of interest into the bovine cell. Also, extracting a single clone is a very laborious process when you compare it to the other expression methods such as bacteria, insect cell, yeast, eukaryotic using plants, and cell-free systems. These are just some of the contributing factors why the production rate using mammalian expression is still low. And this is the reason why protein culture and producing monoclonal antibodies using bovine expression is quite costly. To bypass the very time-consuming process, biotech companies can partner with contract manufacturing organizations (CMOs) that can deliver their requirements.

Choosing CMOs

Admittedly, the sheer number of CMOs out there makes it difficult to choose the ideal partner. A good tip is to look at biologic manufacturing companies that earn the respect of their peers and experts. The CMO must be able to deliver solutions even with the most complicated problems presented to it, covering a whole gamut of services including Biobetters, biosimilars, cell line development and cell banking, transgenics, GMP manufacturing, bioconjugation, aseptic fill and finish, and consulting services. A good way to start is at the top, meaning you choose from the winners of the annual CMO Leadership Awards by Life Science Leaders magazine.