Health Saw · November 5, 2021

Perseverance As Part of Nursing Care

Did anyone ever tell you that you are persistent? Instead of making your hackles rise, treat this as a compliment. The reason is that as nursing professional you are expected to be persevering and persistent. The nursing profession has never been for the weak of heart. One has to have an iron will in order to survive and succeed nursing.

Nursing is a tough job and there is no sugar-coating it. Most would want to romanticize and think that it is about helping people and doing well to the community. There is no argument there but one also has to work doubly hard if one has to help and care for the people.

Perseverance is a trait that most nurses should have. It is like developing a thick skin and not knowing when to give up. When a person entered nursing school, there are already different expectations from you. Just imagine if you quit in just your first year of nursing? What kind of character does that show?

When you start your nursing career, you will experience different difficulties as well. To most people, giving up is always an option. This is also true with nursing but you cannot really consider yourself as a true nurse if you quit at the slightest sign of discomfort.

Nurses are meant to be persistent. When they are faced with adversity, they push on and continue with determination and tenacity. There is no such thing as giving up and throwing in the towel. That is not an option that is being considered by nurses. Instead, when the going gets tough, nurses will look for and arrive at solutions. They have several game plans so that when one does not work, then there is another strategy that they can use.

It is no wonder that most people trust nurses very much. It is because they see the do-or-die attitude of the nurses. If the patients lose hope, they only have to seek the nurse and feel that they are guided in a way that will motivate them to get better. In a way, nurses can be drill sergeants but in a gentler way. They will drill and nag the patients to see the end goal which is to get better.

Success comes to those who tried and tried until they reach their success. If there is failure along the way, then it is treated as something that has to be overcome.