Health Saw · December 28, 2021

Murad Products in Comparison to Other Similar Products

The science of skin care having been revolutionized in the last two decades, consumers today are increasingly aware about the relative merits of competitor brands. There are over the counter products, prescription products, herbal and chemical products, mail order products and specialized spa and salon treatments. It is true that the effect of a product varies with individual hormones and specific skin needs but the success of Murad products is no stray incident. Backed by the expertise and experience of Dr. Howard Murad and his team of experts, Murad Products is the foremost name today in doctor branded skin care and medical spa movements.

The world of cosmetics and skin care have no dearth of big brands – DDF, Caron Laboratories, La Therapie-Paris, Lo’real, Avon, Proactive, Murad products and many more. Each name is popular but all products will not work alike for everybody, and it is not possible to rely on a trial and error method for skin concerns and come to a conclusion oneself about the right product to use. It is inordinately better to rely on the experience of seasoned professionals especially if it comes with the assurance of Murad products. It provides such a wide range of treatments for all skin types, however problematic that every skin concern is sure to find a solution in its array.

Let us look at acne-care specifically for example. Suitable for adults and teenagers, the Murad Acne-complex is a three step system designed to cleanse, treat and hydrate the skin. It does not only treat acne like other systems but may be used as a pampering everyday skin care routine. Unlike most other solutions for acne that contain the harsh benzoyl peroxide which causes irritation, the Murad product has botanical extracts and the much more gentle salicyclic acid. In addition it uses anti-oxidants, hydrating agents and acne fighters that cure not only the most stubborn acne but also prevents any other break-outs and heals blemishes and scars.

When it comes to redressing the problems of skin aging, most solutions and creams available do not work as the advertisements promise and some results are almost imperceptible.

It may also contain harmful chemical ingredients that may have some temporary effect in covering wrinkles but wreck such havoc after use that skin problems move beyond cure. On the other hand The Murad Products’ skin care regimen for skin aging consists of five gentle steps that when followed regularly solves skin concerns permanently. The products use the cosmetic properties of glycolic acid and alpha hydroxyl acid, a more adaptable form obtained organically from fruits and milk. It has excellent exfoliating properties and is mild on the skin. Murad Products’ Advanced Performance Skin Care contains only ingredients that are suitable for cosmetic use, while many other products use comedones which block pores or an ingredient like Retin-A, which is a drug that requires a doctor’s approval.

Every Murad product is prepared with strict quality standards and every ingredient used is tested (never on animals) for allergies and adverse reactions. The miraculous results of Murad products are so assured that most of them come with a satisfaction guarantee- sixty-day or money back. This happens to be the one offer of Murad Products that is seldom used.