Health Saw · January 2, 2022

Managing Workers’ Comp Claims: It Pays to Hire a Professional

As a small-business owner, do you have hours of extra time to handle a workers’ compensation claim? You most likely are working constantly on your business and have no spare time for anything, much less processing and reviewing the integrity of a claim.

Considering the sheer amount of time it takes to walk through the workers’ compensation claims process, you can save hundreds to thousands of dollars if you hire a professional. Also, by contracting with a company for only the services you need, you can also save on insurance per claim and for the long term.

Audit Current Practices to Identify Potential Issues

When you hire a professional service to manage your workers’ compensation claims, your business will be audited to assess its current risk profile before any issues arise. If the team finds obvious areas where your company can improve its safety compliance, you will receive a full report on how to execute a new strategy that will address all of these discrepancies and help to prevent any workers’ compensation claims.

Assured Compliance with Governmental Standards

There’s no denying the complexity of attempting to stay up to date on the changes in safety compliance law put into place by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). And that’s just on a federal level. You may have to consider how your state’s safety compliance laws affect your company’s operational procedures as well. Are you in line with the law?

A professional will be fully informed and able to assess your business’ compliance and make the necessary changes to avoid penalties and fines.

Construction of a Comprehensive Safety Program

A large part of successful workers’ compensation administration is the creation of a safety training program for all employees. Your hired team will put together a company safety manual that details employer responsibilities and how employees can maximize efficiency within the system. They can also organize training to ensure full understanding from each employee and company member.

Initiation of a Back-to-Work Program

Not only will expert workers’ compensation management involve coordination with health professionals and affected individuals, but it also requires an in-depth knowledge of the right methods and schedules for employees to return to work as soon as possible. Professionals create a tailored program for each case to minimize lost wages for the employee and encourage an accepting atmosphere of communication and openness in the workplace.

Claims Management and Analysis

Of course, false claims must be quickly identified and investigated so your company suffers the least financial harm. You may not be able to separate truth from falsehood, but a professional with years of experience knows exactly what to look for in identifying bogus workers’ compensation claims.

Find a professional workers’ compensation claims management organization to handle your small-to-medium-sized business’ needs, and you will see a drastic reduction in the time and money you must devote to this chore, allowing you to stay dialed in to what’s important: growing your business.