Health Saw · October 26, 2021

How to Get Into a Pharmacy Program: 6 Things to Focus On

The healthcare industry is vast, i.e. there are many fields you can opt for if you want a career in healthcare. One such growing field is related to pharmacy. And there are a number of institutions that provide pharmacy programs.

Here is some important information on how you can enroll in a good pharmacy program.

1. There are colleges that offer courses right after high school. You can find out about these colleges and the courses from the internet and download application forms. If you are interested, you simple fill out the form and sent it by post to the concerned college before their deadline for their next academic term. The admission requirements vary for different colleges, so must ensure understand all the requirements before going ahead with the admission process. Generally, you are required to have a GPA of around or above 2.5. Many colleges will also want applicants to have passed the Pharmacy College Admissions Test before applying.

2. If you decide to enroll into the course directly after high school you must enroll in a pre-pharmacy course. The same college may offer these “pre-professional” programs and if you meet all their requirements it is not difficult to get in.

3. Some students may prefer to complete the pre-professional courses elsewhere and then transfer to a different college for the pharmacy program. The Doctor of Pharmacy program is a four years course. If you are going to be a transfer student you must make sure your GPA score meets the college requirements. The college may also conduct an interview before finally accepting the applicant into the program.

4. On completion of the pharmacy program you will be awarded the Pharm. D or Doctor of Pharmacy degree. If you include the first two years of pre-professional training, the entire course lasts for six years. While the first two years are a pre-pharmacy course the next four years focus on professional pharmaceutical training.

5. Professions with a Pharm. D degree can continue their career in various areas such as pharmacies, drug stores, medical facilities, hospitals, departmental stores, and even general stores. The six years of training will include important topics such as use of medicines, doses and times of administering them, prescription of drugs, over-the counter-drugs, side effects of drugs, and various combinations of medications.

6. Once you successfully complete the course and receive you Pharm. D degree, the next step is to apply for a license. You can schedule a date with the pharmacy licensing board for your examination. You need this license in order to get a job and practice pharmacy. This licensure exam is known as the North American Pharmacist Licensure Examination or NAPLEX and is a mandatory requirement for all pharmacists in the U.S.

These are the most essential points for you to know if you are considering pharmacy as a career option. As you have read, it is fairly easy to get into a pharmacy program as long as you meet all the needed requirements. If you are looking for a career in the healthcare industry and are unsure of your options, the pharmaceutical line may be a very good choice for you.