Dentist · March 7, 2022

Can face size be permanently improved with orthographic treatment? Is your face getting crooked?

I believe that many people will feel that their faces are asymmetrical when taking pictures, and there is a situation where one side is large, and the other is small. Today, Dental Foundation is a major concern for everyone that can an orthographic improvement the size of the face?

First of all, it is necessary to analyze the causes of large and small faces, and the improvement methods selected for different situations are not the same.

  1. The size of the face caused by congenital development

Under normal circumstances, the skeletal deviation caused by congenital development can be corrected by orthognathic surgery to correct the skewed face shape, and at the same time, it can also reconstruct the correct occlusal relationship, which is beneficial both from the perspective of beauty and health.

  1. Caused by bad habits

If the face is large and small due to partial chewing, and the jaw is normal, you can generally check the cause of the partial jaw first, and then carry out treatment and improvement. If you want to improve quickly at this time, you can use hyaluronic acid injections and other means to improve. If it is very serious, check the specific situation to determine whether orthodontics and orthographic improvement are needed.

  1. Caused by trauma

Orthographic surgery is generally not required in cases such as hemiplegia with nerve damage.
Will partial jaw become worse without treatment?

The answer is yes, some patients may not be very obvious in the early stage of partial jaw, but with the daily habits, the use of the cheek muscles on both sides and the development of the jawbone can easily cause the face to look more and more crooked. Therefore, if there is a partial jaw, it is recommended that everyone pay attention and correct treatment in time.

When the dentist meets the orthodontic treatment, one tools of orthodontic pliers is a must instrument for braces treatment and orthodontics. The curved orthodontic pliers are purpose of orthodontic cutting, and suitable for posterior.