Dentist · January 2, 2022

Can digital technology predict the future in oral health?

As digital technology continues to penetrate into our daily lives, medical conditions are constantly optimized and improved to provide customers with more precise and efficient choices. Chairside restoration technology is an example in the field of dental medicine. The upgrading and advancement of technology have brought customers a more convenient and comfortable experience.

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  • Shorter waiting time

Chairside CAD/CAM refers to the computer-aided design and computer-aided production of dental restorations. Chairside CAD/CAM technology can help customers complete the design and production of restorations in a single visit. Compared with traditional restoration methods, CAD/CAM technology is regarded as a fast, accurate, and efficient restoration method in the field of oral medicine. By the side of the chair, as the name suggests, solve the problem on the side of the dental chair. In the early days of making filling materials, you must first prepare the teeth at the doctor’s office, then send the model that fits the customer to the processing factory to make, and finally install it by the doctor. The entire cycle is the shortest and it takes a week. With the chairside restoration system, Many steps can be saved.

  • Better digital technology

With the support of the chairside restoration system, using an imported Sirona mouth scanner to scan instead of the traditional “bite-print” model-taking method, customers will have a more comfortable experience. It takes multiple shots within one second to restore the shape of the oral cavity in 3D and capture areas that cannot be observed by the human eye. At the same time, computer-assisted collection technology transmits the data to the computer. On the basis of real-time data processed by computer programs, doctors and technicians coordinate treatment plans and practical production. In the specific application of chairside technology, the customer can take a break after four or five minutes of scanning by the mouth scanning instrument. The prosthetic technician will then cut the filling material through the given plan, accurately process it, and finally, modify the model through methods such as sintering and glazing. “Even the tooth can be given to the client within an hour, and the client can put it on with the help of the doctor. It is very comfortable to put on.” The prosthetic technician Yu Yanming affirmed the digitalization of the chairside prosthetic system and proficiently asked We showed the process of using the mouth scanner. On the electronic screen, the tooth enamel color, shape, and bite are all clear at a glance. Not only that, the relevant oral health data collected by the mouth scanner will be archived to meet the needs of customers for later follow-up visits.

  • The more precise treatment plan

Chairside restoration technology is a great boon for customers who pay more attention to the shape and beauty of teeth. The shape and thickness of the teeth can be designed and manufactured through the output data of the mouth scanner. After communication, the customer can have a more satisfactory molding plan. , To reduce the molding error.

Facing dental implant customers, some patients have thinner bones in individual positions in the oral cavity and narrower oral cavity space. This technology can accurately find the right place for implantation in a three-dimensional space, which can bring minimal trauma to the customer. The best psychological experience. The chairside restoration technology not only simplifies the treatment process but also optimizes the material of the inlay. Compared with the traditional resin material, the porcelain inlay has a relatively longer warranty and a better wearing experience. At the same time, in the case of a large area of ​​tooth defect, the inlay restoration through the chairside restoration technology can grind the least teeth in order to restore the original teeth and restore the occlusal state.

In the design of the specific plan, no matter what angle it is considered, firstly, oral health is the starting point, some bad shapes will cause some gum and periodontal problems, and secondly, the aesthetics of the teeth is considered. The front teeth are mainly used to cut off food and aesthetics. To ensure that the front teeth can bite off food but the aesthetics must be in place, the back teeth must first consider their functionality.

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