Health Saw · November 3, 2021

Advantages of an Urgent Care Clinic

An urgent care clinic or you can call them UCC are walk-in clinics that provide you all kinds of treatment that you can get outside an ER. Not exactly a hospital, but a medical facility, they mostly focus on the delivery of ambulatory care. It provides immediate care, treats all kinds of injuries and gives all the facilities that can be given outside an ER. Urgent care is receiving wide acceptance in Europe and America. Many general conducted research shows that people prefer them over hospitals for general checkups and other matters. Keep in mind these benefits and choose wisely next time.

They are easy to find– Just search on the internet about the urgent care clinics near you and you will be surprised to find many. In minor conditions rather than waiting for the ambulance to come and fetch you can go to the nearest one and rest assured you will be given all the same facilities as the hospital.

Flexible hours– The timing of these centers is flexible. They run from 8 in the morning up to 7 in the evening. On weekends they are open for a few extra hours, which is a special perk because the rate of youngsters getting drunk and landing themselves into trouble increases on weekends.

Appointments are not necessary– Unlike a hospital, there is no need to take a prior appointment. As it is a walk-in center there is no need to change your schedule to meet the doctor. You can come any time you want. It is shown in surveys that 60 % of the doctors are present on the spot. So anytime you go, there will be someone to do your checkup.

Quick service– In urgent care, you get quick service. They save you from the trouble of long waiting hours. The reports provided by the urgent care association of America show that patients need not wait for more than 15 to 20 minutes. The time compared to the long waiting hours in hospitals is less. Also, you will be freed from there in less than an hour. So, the entire process is time-saving.

Pocket-friendly – The fees you pay at these clinics is comparatively less than what you pay at hospitals or ERs. You will not need health insurance to cover your fees and bills if you visit them. Your co-pay is also lower than the emergency department. You can say they are very advantageous for people with lower income or the ones who need regular treatment.

Good at facilities – Urgent care is no less at technology than big hospitals. They have all kinds of equipment like the X-ray machine, machines needed for therapy. Though you will not find the ER equipment there. From Routine checkups to STD tests, they do all kinds of tests and cures all kinds of basic health-related problems. They also perform employment drug testing.